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Your customized Makeup CLass is

So, What is Glam School?

Glam School is a customized makeup lesson, taught by me, Professional Makeup Artist, Cameron Carson!

What Will I Learn?

During our in-studio session, I will teach you:

  • how to prep skin prior to makeup      application

  • how to master basic eyeshadow blending, tools & techniques + what colors are best for your skin tone.

  • how to choose a foundation shade and formula that's best for you + tricks of the trade for keeping it in place ALL day!


PLUS...brow, lips and MORE!


Can I Bring A Friend?

Of course! Sessions can be 1-on-1 or a group of you + your girls! Keep in mind that wine is welcome, but sit-ins are not. If you are bringing along a friend or family member that will not be participating in our class, they will also be subject to the full session fee.


GLAM ON-THE-GO: 30 min - $65

GLAM SCHOOL: 1 hr - $100

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